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Church Buildings

The two buildings in use by the parish of Abergele are the Parish Church of St Michael's and the Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre, a community centre built at the site of the daughter Church of St David's. Church House, the old church hall is no longer in use. The map shows the location of the three buildings.

St Michael's Church, seen here from the back, is thought to have been built on the site of a Celtic clas church. The dedication to St Michael dates from the medieval period.

St Michael is one of the four archangels; the other three being Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. St Michael is often shown slaying a dragon, illustrating Revelation Ch. 12:7 where Michael and his angels defeat the dragon and his angels. It is easy to tell that it is St Michael not St George who is portrayed, as archangels are usually shown with wings and there is no princess waiting to be rescued. In the church there are two stain glass windows showing St Michael and there is a wooden statue of him over the lych gate.

St David's Church was a "tin church", built about 130 years ago as a temporary measure to serve the English community. At that time Pensarn was a premier sea-side resort and many families came for their holidays from the Manchester area as well as from the wealthy industrial parts of North Wales. In 2010 it was replaced by the Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre, see below.

St David was a Welsh Celtic monk in the 6th century and is the Patron Saint of Wales. He established many monasteries and churches in south-west England and Wales, so many churches are dedicated to him.

Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre The Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre is a purpose build community centre which was opened by the Bishop of St Asaph on 7th February 2011. There is a dedicated worship area for the use of the congregation of the old St David's Church.

Church House was built for use as parish rooms soon after St David's was completed. It is not currently in use.