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Church Services

Regular Services St Michael's, Abergele and The Canonfan Dewi Sant Centre

 Occasional Offices: Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals

Regular Services

St Michael's Parish Church

Eglwys y Plwyf Sant Mihangel


 Sunday Services-Gwasanaethau'r Sul

8.00 am




Holy Eucharist

Sung Eucharist

2nd Sunday Morning Prayer

Gwasanaeth Cymraeg

Wednesday-Dydd Mercher


Holy Eucharist



St David's Church, Pensarn

St David's Church has now been replaced by

The Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre

There is a regular Eucharist on Tuesday at 10.30am

Occasional Offices

Holy Baptism – Christening

Baptism is the means of becoming a member of the Christian church. For this reason, in this parish, baptisms normally take place, on a monthly basis, in the main Sunday service. This ensures that regular worshippers are present to welcome the newly baptised into the church family.

Adults wishing to be baptised and parents who would like their children baptised in either of our churches should normally reside in the parish, be members of our worshipping community, or have strong family connections with St Michael’s Parish Church or St David’s Church, Pensarn. For further information please contact the Vicar.

Holy Matrimony – Weddings

Holy Matrimony – marriage in church – is a public commitment made by the couple before God. The bride and groom make the following vows:

I ... ..., take you ... ..., to be my husband/wife

To have and to hold,

From this day forward,

For better for worse,

For richer for poorer,

In sickness and in health,

To love and to cherish,

As long as we both shall live,

According to the will and purpose of God,

And to this I give you my pledge.

Weddings can take place in St Michael’s Parish Church. However, current rules stipulate that one, or both, of the couple should reside in the parish, or be regular communicant members of the church in the parish and be on the parish’s electoral roll. Couples wishing to know more about what is involved in getting married in St Michael’s are invited to make an appointment with the Vicar.


Arrangements for funerals in St Michael’s Parish Church, or St David’s Church, Pensarn, are made in consultation with the Vicar, the family and the family’s funeral director. Funerals in our churches are normally possible for those who have lived or died in the parish, those who have been worshippers in either of our churches, or those with strong connections with Abergele. However, burials in St Michael's Churchyard are limited to those who were living in the parish at the time of their death, those on the parish electoral roll and those who died in the parish. Burials for those living outside the parish are limited to persons with existing family graves - providing there is room in the grave.

On the first Sunday of November each year, at 5.30pm, an All Souls’ Service is held in St Michael’s Parish Church. At this service departed loved ones are remembered by name and relatives of the departed are invited to light candles in their memory. For further information please contact the Vicar.